Grant Categories

The following categories may serve as a guideline to applicants in determining whether their programs fall within the foundations funding priorities.

Individual Poets

Individuals poets are funded through non-profit organizations. Poets working through schools, museums, presses or other tax-exempt organizations will be considered.

Translation and the Process of Translation

The translation of poetry from languages not currently available to English readers and poetry which has not been translated or merits a new translation. Projects, which explore the art and the process of translation, are also encouraged. Translators must be working through a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Samples from the proposed translation should accompany the application.

Developing the Poetry Audience

Organizations applying in this category should indicate who the target audience will be. Please describe previous programming the organization has successfully completed. Past programming has included documentary film production, dramatic presentations, school poetry programs, reading series, conferences, and seminars.

Uses of Poetry

Programs that use poetry for the greater public good. Model programs or curriculums that can be transferred to and used by other organizations are preferred. Past programs have focused on youth-at-risk, hospital and therapeutic programs, minorities, people with disabilities, prison programs, curriculum development, and documentary films.